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  • Love Me Til My Heart Stops
  • I'm Back Bitches ♥
  • ~♔~You still wear boots and your hair is too long, and then this one doesn't want to admit she's fallen in love~♔~

  • My amazing boyfriend
  • Every breath you take i watch you slip away.
  • I met ptv
  • Dirty laundry looks good on you.

  • You are the night-time fear, you are the morning when it's clear (TVD)
  • The day has come where I have died, only to find, I've come to life (TVD)
  • I don't want to be the puppet that you're playing on a string (SLP)
  • make em whistle like a missile baby (cm)

  • Autumn.
  • Here's to the strong women.
  • Wish summer didn't have to end.
  • These eternal things are lovely and unchanging

  • doute la lumière, doute le soleil, mais jamais mon amour
  • fly home daughter, cover your ears
  • after christmas
  • and i think it's going to rain today

  • read below!
  • "Dance It Out."
  • "Have Some Fire. Be Unstoppable. Be A Force Of Nature."
  • "When I Was Seventeen, I Don't Think I Even Knew What Love Was. But When It's Right, It's Right, And You Just Know It."

  • I take my coffee with cream
  • you go to the castle, you gotta pay the king
  • cherry vanilla ice cream pairs nicely with white wine
  • summer is here and the living is easy
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  • ❀ We’re at the age we look the most beautiful, So we need to love to the fullest ❀
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  • ✩ I've been searching for you since your past-past-past life. Setting my sights on that awkward smile, I made it to where I am now. ✩

  • i can hold you again, but i know i'm no longer that one
  • i'll come get my things but i can't let go
  • you're just the weatherman, we make the wind blow
  • stand in the lightning just to see how it strikes you
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